I found this old top sheet at DI several months ago in pretty good condition, and loved the contrasting fabric and lace trim.  I just knew it could become something adorable, so I had to buy it!  After washing it and thinking over all the possibilities, I decided to make a pair of pajama pants to start out with.

Now, I am an advocate of sewing things, but I feel like the purpose is somewhat defeated after buying fabric, the pattern, all the time and effort put into the project- do you see what I’m saying?  Many times  it ends up cheaper just to buy the article of clothing you want.  That is why I love re-using clothing and fabric- upcycling.  I also rarely buy patterns.  I mean, I would for certain things, especially if it was on sale for a great price, but most times you can just use clothing you already have and love as a pattern for new things.

I used this old comfy pair of pajama pants that I got way back in high school as my pattern.  I dearly love those PJs.   Just the right length, super roomy, and honestly- I am sentimentally attached (a friend and I bought matching pairs on the way home from- what was it?- I don’t remember, but we were freezing cold and soaking wet.  Those felt so good to put on!).  I will keep those pants until they fall apart in shreds.

Ok, so I folded the pants, pinned them to the fabric, and cut all the way around, adding about 1/4- 1/2 an inch as a seam allowance.  As you can see, I lined up the bottom of my pants with the cute lacy cuff of the sheet- so there will be no hemming the pants up!  That makes it easy, and that is why I didn’t add any extra fabric on the bottom.

I did the same with the other leg.  Oops, somehow I cut off the extra fabric at the top of the backside piece- not good because now the pants will not have as much room in the back for my… backside.  Hmmm, these pants may be going to my skinnier- bottomed little sister.  Ha.

I pinned and sewed the outside leg seams together first, then placed the two pieces that look like the picture below together, right sides in, and sewed the circle (crotch) seams. 

Then I pinned the inseams together and sewed those up.  Nearly done!  At this point, it is a good idea to serge all your seams or do a zig-zag stitch to prevent fraying and seam- splitting.

I then made a casing as small as possible for the elastic to go in.  I put a safety pin on the end of the elastic to help thread it all the way through, then sewed the two ends of the elastic together.  Finally, I sewed the small opening in the casing closed.

I love them!  So springy!  So cheery!  Maybe I will have to keep them for myself until I lose all this baby weight.  (Or not.)