I’m a sucker for “matchy” stuff on little kids.  Girls, boys, it doesn’t matter.  I had a refashion in mind for my son, using one of my husband’s old heavy duty shirts.  I knew it could be a great pair of shorts and a knapsack, and for the most part they turned out really well.  It was a big shirt, so there was plenty of fabric left.  All the recent blog tutorials on making hats inspired me to try one of my own, and I think it turned out great! 

This was the original shirt I used…

I used a pattern I made from another pair of my son’s shorts to make these faux fly front shorts.  They came together very quickly.  If you make pants or shorts out of a shirt like this I recommend using shirts made of heavier fabric for the most part.  These shorts turned out better than the first pair I made out of a much lighter weight shirt.

The front pocket of the shirt made a great front for the knapsack, and I used the yoke of the shirt to make the top flap.

The buttonhole strip made great shoulder straps.  (I think I am going to move the tops of the straps inward a bit so they stay on his shoulders better.)  I did line the inside with some plain cotton fabric.

I made this bicycle cap with the help of this great tutorial at Dude Craft.  There is a video tutorial and downloadable pattern pieces.  It was made for an adult, but I measured my son’s head and adjusted the pattern accordingly.  (The way I resized it was by measuring the width of the pattern piece, without the seam allowance- 6″.  I measured my son’s head- 19.5″.  The hat is made from 4 pattern pieces, so I rounded to 20″, divided that by 4, and figured a 5″ pattern piece would fit pretty well.  I divided 5 by 6 to get the ratio to resize it- about 83% of the full size would fit my son.  I opened the pdf with the pattern in Open Office Draw and resized it to 83%.  It worked perfectly!  I did add the elastic in the back to give a snug fit, and he will be able to grow into it a bit more!)

My son was almost as tickled to wear his new hat (really the only thing he was overly excited about) as he was to go practice riding his tricycle. 

If you can believe it, my son didn’t have a single plain white T-shirt.  So I used my serger (yay! I just got it last week! :-D) to make one of his onesies (which he never wears any more) into a regular T-shirt/ undershirt.

I could not get him to look at the camera!  He’s cute anyway…

Ok, one more picture.  I couldn’t resist.

PS- I realized after looking through a few of my refashion posts that it probably seems like I steal all my husband’s shirts for my projects.  Well maybe I do!  However, I did get his permission to use all of those shirts before I cut them up, and anyway, I like to look at it like I am doing him a favor… Some of those shirts were 10+ years old and it was time to make room for some other clothes!  Refashioning old clothes into something new is one way to purge your closet of unused, unloved, or ill- fitting clothes while keeping the nostalgia of a loved item of clothing.