My friend’s almost-four year old broke her toe the other day and now my friend has the task of keeping her off her feet for the next few days while the swelling goes down.  As you may know, that is the last thing a four year old girl wants!  So we thought we would take over a little get well package with some activities that can be done while sitting.  And of course, it had to be girly and cute, so this is what we came up with:

Cute, right?  Haha.  Ok, I’m only kind of kidding.  We started with this pop-top can, (we had a case of crushed pineapple that had this type of lid and the non-round kind of bottom) which I had opened from the bottom with the kind of can opener that un-crimps the lid and doesn’t leave sharp edges, leaving the pop-top intact.

First step: add snacks.  Goldfish are pretty much the classic snack, right?

Cheerios do a double duty: They are of course also snacks, but perhaps too babyish for a four year old… unless you are making a cheerio necklace on a beautiful ribbon!

Don’t forget to knot one end of the ribbon and put some tape around the other end for easy stringing. You could use a thin shoelace instead too, or a piece of string or twine.

Some little toys and treats are necessary…

We had the spinning tops and stretchy spiders left over from Easter, and I know from experience that those can entertain a young child for a long time!

Clearly a girl needs her chocolate, especially when she can’t be jumping on the tramp with her dolls and trucks.


It all goes in the can.

I didn’t go out and buy anything, I just opened the cupboards and found snacks we already had.  My kids love these little rice crackers, so we occasionally splurge on them to keep in the diaper bag etc.

It was the perfect size to fit in the top (bottom) of the can.

I hot glued the lid shut (you can use epoxy glue I’ve heard, but then you’ll have the smell when you open the can… icky.)

I cut a rectangle out of scrapbook paper to fit around the can, and a piece shaped like this to go on the top.

Embellishments are necessary, of course.  You can make this as simple or as fancy as you can imagine!

And there’s a fun get well package… in a “gift can”!  I love this type of upcycling project!  Have your kids help you fill the can if they’re old enough.  You can obviously use this type of packaging for all sorts of occasions… it’s a great size for cookies, candy, popcorn, small toys, notes, etc.  Just remember that whatever you put in first is going to be at the top when it is opened, so plan accordingly if order matters.