The Toasty Hands Trick-or-Treat Bag

We never know what weather to expect on Halloween night out here in our neck of the woods.  Occasionally it’s balmy, but more often than not, blustery.  I recall more than one Halloween with inches of snow on the ground.  Of course I don’t want my cute little puppies/pumpkins/monkeys/cowboys to come back as popsicles, so I try to layer clothing on them under their costumes.  That still leaves their paws uncovered, and of course we can’t degrade the authenticity of the costume with gloves or mittens!  So what’s a puppy/pumpkin/monkey/cowboy to do?  This was the question going through my mind as I sat down to sew a trick-or-treat bag for my oldest son last week, and the Toasty Hands Trick-or-Treat Bag was born!

Since he is going to be a cowboy-on-a-horse this year, I figured it would be fitting for him to carry a saddlebag-looking treat bag.  It has a strap that he can wear around his neck or slung across his chest.  I sewed on two hand pockets that give plenty of room for wiggly fingers to stay toasty warm.  He can hold the bag open easy as can be, and if he decides he wants to take his paws out to encourage ol’ Trigger into a gallop, why, he can rest easy and just let it settle. Giddyap! (Imagine I said that in my best Roy Rogers voice.)

Seriously, though, I am really excited to use this bag! -Er, have my son use it.  It was easy to make, too.  I sewed it from scraps of tan fleece and some strips of brown felt.  I made it very simply (left the edges raw), and finished the whole thing during naptime.

The view from the front.

View from the back- the only thing I’d change next time is to not put the pockets quite so close together.

Side view with my son’s cute little arm.

There’s no tutorial or pattern because it is pretty self-explanatory, I think.  But if you have questions about dimensions or anything, leave a comment or email me, and I’ll give you whatever info I can.  Have fun Trick-or-Treating!