For Making the World a Little Sweeter this month, we are going to do a Craft Hope project.  If you haven’t seen the Craft Hope website, check it out.  It is a site that encourages readers to do a craft project about once a month that will benefit folks with a need somewhere in the world.

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The current project at Craft Hope is sweet sock monkeys.  The recipients?  Kids in Texas who have lost their homes this past summer in fires.  Read this post to learn more, but basically 1,600 homes burned down during the record- breaking summer heat Texas experienced this year.  Many of those were likely homes for young families, and that means that there are a lot of children who have lost the homes that were familiar to them.  That’s where Project 15, Sock Monkeys for Texas comes in.  All of the sock monkeys that are collected will be given to children who have lost their homes during these fires.  I made my first-ever sock monkey this week in an afternoon’s time.  Would you care to join me in participating in this project? Here’s how:

1. You need a pair of socks, stuffing, and a few sewing notions.  I found these brand- new socks for a dollar at D.I., and I had planned another project for them, but after I read about Project 15, I knew what their ultimate destiny would be.  (Ooh-ooh-ooh-ahh-ahh!)

2.  If you’ve never made a sock monkey before, check out these super- useful tutorials:

  • Craft Stylish (Download the pdf file. This tutorial has a nice diagram that helps when you are cutting.)
  • Craftbits (This tutorial gives great step-by-step instructions with pictures and I found it really helpful for explaining how to put the parts together.)

3. Sew up your monkey. 😀  You can make it as simple or as fancy as you like.  Some cute kid is going to love it either way.

My skewompus but lovable sock monkey friend.

4. Mail your monkey and feel warm fuzzies. Here’s the link again for the original post which if you scroll to the bottom contains the address to send it to.

Did I mention there is a deadline?  No, I guess I didn’t… but Jade Sims (Craft Hope founder) needs the monkeys by November 24th– that’s Thanksgiving. 

I’m mailing my monkey tomorrow.  Will you join me in this monkey business?!