Hey everyone, Marissa here. Remember me?  It’s okay if you don’t, I haven’t been around for awhile, (at least not on a regular basis). 

Ever since I graduated from BYU, life has been busier than ever, leaving little time for doing anything besides the bare minimum. It has been challenging, but good! Here’s what I’ve been up to over the past couple of years:

Soon after I graduated, my husband and I went to Uganda for the summer
with a humanitarian group called HELP international.  We worked for two and a half months in Mbale, Uganda,
and completely fell in love with the people there.  While we were there,
I mainly worked with women and teenaged girls, teaching them about
feminine hygiene and family planning, self-defense, and marketable
crafts. It was such a challenging and rewarding experience.  

Above: Me and my handsome (also scruffy) husband in a banana grove
 Above: One of the groups of girls that we taught
Above and Below: Paper beads – we taught groups like the one above how to make paper beads to make necklaces and other jewelry as a way to generate income.  

Once we got back from Uganda, I started to work full-time, and worked for the next year and a half while my husband finished his degree. I worked at Ancestry.com for awhile, and then got a job at our local health department as a health educator.  I loved both of those jobs, but the latter was the most rewarding, as I got to work in the area that I graduated in (public health), and work on a lot of really rewarding projects.

Oh, one more thing I worked on – last but DEFINITELY not least – I spent about 9.5 months on this project, so I’m kind of proud of the outcome:

We now have a sweet baby girl, and I have been able to be a full-time stay-at-home mommy for the past 6.5 months. I am loving it, and am so excited to be in this new chapter of life.

We also recently purchased a townhouse/condo and are loving all the space we have now! We’ve had lots of big, happy changes in the past year.

I’m looking forward to participating more on this blog, now that I have a little more time at home, and am working on making our new house a home!