Friday, July 12, 2013

Rock art gift

I was looking through pictures from last summer and came across pictures of a special gift from my son's fourth birthday party.  I am excited to share this creative gift/activity idea with you!  My parents and some of my younger siblings had been at the beach earlier in the summer and my dad had the idea of collecting the smooth, differently colored rocks from the sand and starting a collection for my son.  Some rocks were big, black, smooth and flat, and others were funny shapes, bright colors, and small.

My dad packaged the rocks up in a cool box and you can see from my son's face that he thinks this gift is awesome.  "What?  You're giving me rocks?"

This was a delightful tactile experience for both my boys- the youngest was two at the time so we had to watch him carefully so he wouldn't put the rocks in his mouth.

"I can make a sandwich!"

"Look at this smiley face!"

In fact, it was so delightful, that pretty soon we had this going on:

Ok, so maybe we're easily entertained (nothing wrong with that!) but something about this hands-on experience really brought out our creativity.

Honestly, the adults probably had as much fun as my son did making rock creations, and it was a great memory to make together.  I loved that it was spatially interesting and mentally stimulating (kind of like putting together a puzzle).  Mostly, I loved that my family thought about my son while they were away, and spent a lot of time picking up these rocks that they knew he would love.


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