I am so excited for this guest post today, by my amazingly talented mother-in-law!  She has been known for her love of wrapping gorgeous gifts, and she has it down to a science.  Back in April, Rochelle and I asked her if she would be kind enough to write a blog post about how she wraps her gifts, and she happily agreed to do so.  Thanks Mom! 

Who doesn’t delight in a
beautifully wrapped gift?  Beautiful
package trimmings enhance the enjoyment of the gift and communicate to the
recipients that they are important to you!
But how do you turn out those
beautiful packages that are only seen on TV? 
With a few tips and pointers, you too can wrap your gifts beautifully.
Apply this one basic wardrobe principle to your gift
wrapping:  Start with the basics, then
.  Any women’s wardrobe advisor will tell you
that you need a few basics, which always include these essential items:  black pants, black skirt, white button down
shirt, black pumps, a good pair of dark jeans. 
With these basics, you can accessorize with scarves, jewelry, sweaters, shoes,
handbags, hair accessories, etc. in prints, colors and metallics to jazz up
your basics, add variety, and make your wardrobe seem much more extensive than
it actually is! 
This principle, applied to
gift wrap, will turn you into a pro! 
Step 1:  Choose a color
scheme; then pick a basic wrap color.  My
favorite is the kraft brown.

 Step 2:  Accessorize
with other rolls in complementary colors, in prints, stripes and geometrics.  Designs should vary in size – small, medium
and large.

Step 3:  Choose
coordinating ribbons and package decorations.
Kraft brown is my favorite
because it is so versatile!  I’ve used it
for Christmas (with red and white; with red, gold and leopard; with green and
gold; with blue and gold; with gold and red), 

birthdays (with any color for
children; with red, yellow and green for adult women; with black and
gold/leopard for men; with pink for girls), 

anniversaries (with gold), 
(with pink or pink and green, or pink, gold and leopard for little girls;
with brown and blue for boys, and even with red, yellow and blue for a shower
gift for a baby whose gender I didn’t know).

Other Occasions (Like Weddings and Graduations): 

I love these 3 simple rules to make your gift wrapping beautiful and coordinated!  I applied these rules to my wrapping this year, and love how my color-coordinated gifts look under my tree! Super simple, with an awesome impact! 
And, just for fun, here’s my tree with my presents (please excuse the poor photo quality, and…all the pine needles):

And some close-ups of my favorite presents: