Fall Fashion Facts

IMG_20151114_142355-001Need a few Fall fashion tips?! Here are a some “fashion facts” to help you put your best foot forward this season!

  • Wear fall colors like maroon, olive-green, grey, navy blue, burnt orange etc.
    • Highrise Maroon Skinny Jean –  American Eagle Outfitters
  • Mix patterns and/or layer, but do it right. For example polka dots and stripes probably won’t go together very well, but floral and stripes complement each other nicely.
    • White Pinstriped collared shirt – Passport
    • Navy Blue Floral Scarf – Merona
  • Ankle boots can go with almost any outfit and complete your look. Plus, they are trending right now and are super easy to find in stores. Wear with a neutral sock or cuffed pants.
    • Grey Laced Ankle Boots – Steve Madden


A Teenager’s Guide to Taking a Selfie

Are selfies cool? Yes. Are selfies vain? Yes. Can I take a selfie if I’m not in high school? Yes. Do I look dumb taking a selfie? Yes. Is this post a joke? Kind of.

Now that we got that all cleared up the real question is, how do you take a GOOD selfie? Here are some tips

  1. Like the way you look: I know that sounds vain, but you’re not going to like your selfie if you don’t like your hair, makeup, outfit etc… Plus a selfie is vain. It’s all about you. That doesn’t make it bad…. just don’t over do it.
  2. Have good lighting: All pictures are reliant on the lighting of the room. You don’t want grainy pictures or over-exposed pictures, plus your phone camera probably isn’t that great, so help it out.
  3. Look natural and confident: This is YOU. Own it. Don’t look uncomfortable or hesitant. Just be you. If it isn’t you to take a selfie, then don’t. If it is you to take a selfie, than do. Easy as that
  4. It never hurts to add a filter: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter all have built in filters to use but so does your regular phone camera. Choose wisely.

Let’s look at some examples >>>

selfie 1 a selfie 1 selfie 1b


This is a basic smiling selfie. I liked my shirt and kind of mess hair, I had decent lighting, I put on my happy face, and I added some filters. Notice that I’m not looking strait on. You can play with angles.  All that went into making this a selfie I liked, but it wasn’t hard.

selfie 2 a selfie 2 b selfie 2 c

The SASSY selfie. These are always a win. Don’t be afraid to be cool/fun/sexy/edgy/modern/hot mom. You are beautiful and awesome!

Selfies can be funny, goofy, pretty, cute, plain ugly (my favorite), or serious.

Hope you enjoyed A Teenager’s Guide to Taking a Selfie! 😉

Have fun snapping selfies :)


Meet Anna

You know when you’re the last one to the party (like hours late)  and the host kinda looks annoyed at you when you walk in, but then sees the extra cheesy avocado bean-dip you’re holding and decides to be happy you came at all? Okay maybe you don’t know. Actually I don’t know either, I just couldn’t think of a better way to explain my way late entrance to this awesome blog.

DSC_6989My name is Anna, and I’m the last and youngest of the Homebodies sisters. I’m currently 17 and going into my senior year of high school in Oregon. Like each of my sisters did in high school, I work for my Dad as a Veterinary Assistant at our Veterinary Hospital. I love working with animals and seeing the behind the scenes of a medical practice.   I love to paint, sing, act, and dance. I’m involved in many choirs (including an A Capella and show choir) and have participated and starred in many musicals like “Into the Woods”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, and “Once on this Island.” I’m really into fashion and wearing boring old clothes in new and exciting ways. The Earth is BEAUTIFUL and I love adventuring through its landscapes by hiking, backpacking, riding horses, or just exploring. My goal is to go to college and become a nurse. I love to help people and apply my knowledge of the amazing human body.

These are all things you might see me post about on this blog! So get excited! You will also frequently find me on Instagram @homesweethomebodies and @annaleachristensen. If you’re looking for a way to regain “hip”ness, find a way to wear that ugly old sweater you love but never took the tag off of, or just try a new painting style, I’m your girl. As your resident teenager my advice is to look at the world through a kid’s eyes, don’t be afraid to take a selfie (you’re beautiful), document your life, try new things, talk to the old and young, be bold, pray, make new friends, eat ice cream, do your self up fancy once in a while, have sweats/lazy days, and never let fear get in the way of trying something new.

I’m excited to be on the team!