DIY Coat Rack for less than $30

We have a problem. It’s called not enough hooks to hang things on. This problem manifested itself recently when I received several new purses as gifts, and my hanging spot became a chair. And then I stopped hanging up my coat in the coat closet because it was too far away. And then our entry way turned into a pile of purses and coats and gym bags and our primary bag and I just can’t handle that kind of clutter. We decided that something must be done, so we got on the internet and looked for a free standing coat tree rack (we’re in a rental, so anything wall-mounted just wouldn’t work). We did a lot of searching, because we wanted something sturdy but inexpensive because let’s face it, we just need to hang our stuff up so it doesn’t look like we’re hoarders.
The more we looked for one to buy, the more we realized that we can make our own dang coat rack and it would look cooler and be cheaper to make! So we decided to make our own. I was inspired by the design of this one from Anthropologie (but not the price.. yikes!). So we went to Home Depot.
We bought: A 2x2x8 pine pole for $8, 4 L-shaped supports for just over $1 each, and two sets of hooks that were I think around $2 for a pair.
Other supplies needed: A hand saw and some sandpaper (although we could have had the pole cut at Home Depot if we had thought of it)
I forgot to take pictures of the actual process, but I think it took us about 30 minutes to finish, including hand-sawing the pole.
It’s the perfect spot for our jackets and my purses!
I really like how the industrial supports came together with the plain pine wood of the pole. 
This was such an easy DIY and it was fun for my husband and I to make together too :)
(I’m playing with the idea of making more of them to sell.. maybe! Stay tuned)

Sassy Shelf Makeover

My Husband found this poor shelf at a school surplus sale for just Three bucks, and decided to bring it home and give it new hope. It was terrible – it had big ugly plastic hooks (Which we had to lovingly break off, because there were no screws holding them on) and some pretty bad screw holes where it had been secured to the wall it had previously hung on. I was assigned to do most of the prep work, after my hubby informed me he hates sanding. And since its so cold outside, I did all of the sanding in…(dun dun dun!) our living room…(not a good idea – that dust is hard to clean up, and I didn’t even mention the decreased air quality)! Anyway, I learned a couple lessons for furniture makeovers:
1. Don’t sand in your living room.
2. Don’t use wood glue to fill in big nasty holes, it takes multiple applications (it took me about 5-7 applications) and a lot of wasted glue by the time the holes are finally filled. Use real wood hole filler (or whatever its called).
3. SAND AFTER YOU FILL THE HOLES. Unfortunately we realized this after it was too late… you can see where the glue was covering the wood, and instead of the wood grain showing through the paint, you just see smooth patches where the glue is
4. Glossy finish paint is best for furniture, it just looks so much more classy.

So, ‘nough talk, here’s the fun part…pictures! Before, and after:

See the yucky holes? Poor homely shelf.
(You should have seen it before, with those terrible plastic hooks)

Looking much better already, with a fresh coat of glossy black spray paint…

Now, with a little help from Mod Podge, scrapbook paper, and some cute knobs from Home Depot (not to mention my wonderful hubby who drilled all the holes, and hung the shelf):

Drum roll please….

TA-DA! Look at my gorgeous new shelf!

up close and personal:

Some Decorating ideas:

Hang pictures/plaques from the knobs…

…and put pictures on top. This is how it looks, currently, but I’m going to be thinking of other ways to adorn my lovely new shelf!

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