Infant Scratch Mitts  This is a link to the blog post that has the pattern and tutorial; click on the thumbnail picture link within the post to get the pattern.

Fleece Toddler Hat  This is also a link to the post which contains pictures as well as the pattern for the hat; scroll to the bottom of the post for the pattern.

Meal Planning Helps

Grocery List    Foods are listed in categories by location and type; keep this list posted in your kitchen and circle items as you are running low.  The meal planning section at the bottom gives you a place to keep track of recipe page numbers so you don’t forget what you bought those ingredients for!

Mind Joggers  Compare what main ingredients you have on hand with the mind jogger meal ideas, and deciding what to make for dinner has never been easier!

Mix and Match Menus  Sample menus for nutritious meal planning.


“Thank-You” Checklist Card Thank you in many languages, and a checklist of appropriate “gratitude expressions” to choose from.  Check out the full post on gratitude and for a link to a free printable gratitude journal.

“Baby Sleeping… Please Knock” Sign Click here to download the PDF file you can print the sign from.  Laminate or cover with contact paper, and attach to your front door to prevent the UPS guy from waking your babies at naptime.

Packing List  Decrease your vacation planning stress and download this customizable packing list by clicking the link, then go to File, Download As, then choose Excel or whatever spreadsheet program you use.

In Case of Emergency   Fill in the blanks- this is a great form to have laminated or in a sheet protector that you can pull out for the babysitter, or as the need arises.

Important Numbers and Other Information  Another fill in the blank form to compile insurance policy numbers, the location of important documents, loan information, utilities information, numbers to call if your credit card is lost or stolen, etc.