I believe

I believe in God, my Heavenly Father, and my Heavenly Mother.

I believe in a loving God who is interested and involved in my life, and who is both merciful and just. I have seen the hand of the Lord in my own life, guiding me and watching over me, with better plans for me than I could have invented myself. He designed a perfect Plan– one of happiness, one of salvation- so that we could learn all the things we needed to learn, overcome all the things we needed to overcome, and finally return to live with Him.

I believe in Jesus Christ, my Savior and Redeemer.

I am full of gratitude for my Older Brother who has not only paid the price for my sins, but has suffered every pain, heartache, and temptation imaginable so that He could understand and comfort me and every other human being if we would only let Him. Because we live in a “fallen” or imperfect world, it is inevitable that we experience sorrow, injury, and death, but because He overcame all of these, one day we will too.

I believe in the Holy Ghost, my Comforter.

The Holy Ghost is my communicator with my Heavenly Father. It is through the Spirit that I learn my Father’s will for me, experience His love for me, know truth, and feel peace and comfort- even in the middle of crisis.

I believe in revelation, both prophetic and personal.

I believe God still speaks to us. I believe that the same organization, power, and authority that existed during Christ’s time has been restored to us, through the prophet Joseph Smith. I believe in a prophet who lives today and who speaks to God. I believe in angels. I believe in miracles.

I believe the scriptures are for us- today.

I believe we find God’s Word in the Bible. I also know His Word is found in the Book of Mormon, which also testifies of Jesus Christ. These books of scripture are of infinite worth to me. I have found comfort and direction within their pages.

I believe that within the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ- and nowhere else- we can find perfect equality between men and women.

Although the world may try to demean and degrade both womanhood and motherhood, when we sincerely study the Gospel we will find that “the world’s greatest champion of woman and womanhood is Jesus the Christ.”- James E Talmage

I don’t claim to know or understand everything. But what I do know is firm and steady, and I can’t deny the peace and the joy that I have felt as a result of my beliefs. They are precious to me.

I respect others’ beliefs and I hope mine will be respected as well.  I am happy to discuss my beliefs with anyone who sincerely has questions- just drop me an email!