Reclaimed Wood Holiday Sign {giveaway month}

Reclaimed Wood Holiday Sign: Giveaway

We are so excited for the holidays! For us, once Halloween is over, that is our cue to start preparing in earnest for the gift giving season. Personally, gift giving is one of my love languages, and I have more fun giving gifts than receiving them!

On that note, I am so excited to announce that we, the Homebodies sisters, have put our heads together, and have come up with five (yes, 5!) gift packages to give away to you, our lovely readers, over the next five weeks. :)

We will be giving away unique and beautiful prizes that you can keep for yourself, or give as a gift to someone special!  Each week we will announce the giveaway package and the requirements to enter.

Enter to win this Vintage Reclaimed Wood Sign Giveaway {Home Sweet Homebodies}
This week, we are teaming up with our sister Heather who also blogs at Drill Bits and Oven Mitts.  By the way, you should totally check out the gorgeous furniture and decor she has made. Plus, she shares lots of very decadent dessert recipes.  :)

Heather {Home Sweet Homebodies}

She is giving away this gorgeous vintage reclaimed wood sign to one lucky reader (valued at $30). This handmade, farmhouse chic Christmas sign would be the perfect addition to your holiday decor, don’t you think?!

Enter to win this Vintage Reclaimed Wood Sign {Home Sweet Homebodies}

To enter, make sure you have “liked” Home Sweet Homebodies and Drill Bits and Oven Mitts on Facebook! You can earn up to 5 entries. Items we give away will be shipped for free to winners in the US, but anyone outside the US will need to cover their own shipping (sorry, thanks for understanding!).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We will announce the winner of the giveaway on our Facebook pages on Tuesday, November 10th.  Best of luck!

The Homebodies

P.S. It would be awesome of you to subscribe, not least so that you know when the next giveaway begins! Here’s a little sneak peak:

Cable Crochet Headband {Home Sweet Homebodies}

New Crochet Pattern!


I LOVE to crochet.  It is so therapeutic, and so rewarding. I think I just love the fact that I can put my creative energy into some yarn, and turn it into something useful, like a blanket, or scarves, or more recently, headbands. I like that I have something physical to show for my time.  

  I have crocheted since I was about 7… Which is kind of crazy, now that I think about how young I was when my grandma taught me (and how long ago that was.. I’ve been crocheting for over 20 years…whoa).  Every time I sit down to crochet something, I think back to my childhood when I would have “crocheting lessons” from my grandma.  She would work on her AMAZING doilies, and I worked on crocheting scarves and blankets. I didn’t realize then how much I would treasure that crocheting time with her, but I have always remembered that she made the time to teach me something she loved.  It has meant so much to me throughout my life.

Cable crochet headband

I’ve always loved cabled knits, and wanted to learn how to make them. For awhile I have been thinking it would be cool to make a crochet headband pattern with a cabled texture, but I’ve always been intimidated by how fancy the cabled texture looks. But after trying a few cabled crochet patterns and getting comfortable with how they work, I finally sat down and made my own pattern for a cable crochet headband. It is much easier than I expected it to be, and I love how it looks!  This (along with the other headband patterns in my shop), is very quick to make (I can make them in one evening), and makes a great gift! So, with the upcoming holidays in mind, I am now selling the pattern for this headband in the etsy shop here!


This pattern uses the following stitches (you can easily find tutorials online for each stitch):

– Ch – chain
– Slip stitch
– sc – Single crochet
– dc – Double crochet
– bpdc- back-post double crochet
– fpdc- front-post double crochet
– fptr – front-post treble crochetIMG_1139

Also, check out my other crochet patterns in the shop here, including my best-selling “Anna Crochet Headband“:


 Happy crocheting!!!

Halloween Preschool Crafts

halloween preschool17

This week I had the pleasure to teach at my sister’s co-op preschool… and the theme is Halloween! I was super excited to help out because there are so many fun Halloween crafts and activities for kids. And they are EASY too! Here are some spooky but friendly ideas for your little one to do.

Puzzle Pumpkin Name

Cut out pumpkin shape. Write name on it. Draw lines between each letter and cut. Mix letters around and help child arrange them in the correct order. Glue on to paper and add a cute green pumpkin stem!

halloween preschool8

halloween preschool halloween preschool1

halloween preschool2

halloween preschool3

halloween preschool15

halloween preschool16

Spider Handprints

Trace child’s hand on black construction paper. Cut out two handprints and a circle. Glue each handprint on to the back of the circle. Attach googly eyes on to the face… because what kid doesn’t love googly eyes?!

halloween preschool4

\halloween preschool9

halloween preschool5
halloween preschool6

halloween preschool7

Handprint Witch

Trace child’s hand on paper. Color green or another preferable color for a witch’s face. Trace and cut out a witch’s hat. Glue on to the top of the traced hand. Give her eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Draw on crazy witch hair, a broom to fly on, stars, and a moon. And wah-la! Beautiful art work to display for Halloween.

halloween preschool10

halloween preschool11

halloween preschool12

halloween preschool13

halloween preschool14

Happy Halloween and happy crafting!!

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Sugar & Spice Body Scrub

Sugar & Spice Body Scrub {Home Sweet Homebodies}

We’ve been enjoying perfect fall weather.  And I’ve always loved fall, but this fall is extra magical for me. I have had so much fun decorating and creating this season! I would love to share a few of the things I have been working on. If you follow us on Instagram, you have seen a couple of these things! Today I’m just going to share this Sugar and Spice Body Scrub. It’s a simple sugar scrub, and it makes a great gift, especially if you package it up in a pretty glass jar.

Sugar & Spice Body Scrub- Gift {Home Sweet Homebodies}

With the chillier temperatures, why not treat yourself to a warm, relaxing bath- made even more luxurious with some homemade bath products, like this Sugar & Spice Body Scrub.

DIY Sugar & Spice Body Scrub {Home Sweet Homebodies}

Would you like to make some? Here’s my recipe:

Sugar & Spice Body Scrub
{Home Sweet Homebodies}

3/4 cup Raw Cane Sugar (package might say “sugar in the raw” or “natural cane turbinado sugar”)
1/2 cup White Sugar
~3 Tbsp. coconut oil
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract
1/8 tsp. cinnamon
Dash each of nutmeg, ginger, and ground cloves
Optionally: 4-5 drops of Cinnamon Essential Oil, 1-2 drops Clove Essential Oil (You definitely don’t have to include essential oils, but I like using them. If you want to buy essential oils, but don’t want to join a MLM company, check out these high quality oils that I trust- and no, I don’t get paid at all for recommending them. Just my own personal experience: Mountain Rose Herbs and Nature’s Fusions.)

Mix ingredients together well. This will fill one 8 oz size glass jar. Feel free to play with quantities or use other baking spices. Make it your own. :) Make sure to label your creation, and decorate it any way you like. This makes a great gift. (FYI you want to avoid plastics and aluminum when storing and mixing things that contain essential oils.  Mixing in a glass bowl with stainless steel or silicone utensils is ideal.)

Sugar & Spice Body Scrub Recipe {Home Sweet Homebodies}

I hope you get a chance to pamper yourself this week- this scrub would be a great way to do that! >wink< :)

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DIY Fall Porch & Door Decor

DIY Fall Porch & Door Decor

Fall is probably my favorite time of year. It’s just starting to get a little cooler, the rain starts coming down and you can start wearing your boots and sweaters. The air smells a little sweeter, the trees look like they are on fire and everything is pumpkin flavored! I love it.

This year, for the first time ever, we decided to decorate for fall, and it got me REALLY excited. I’m not a big halloween person though, so the ghosts and witches and bats and creepy crawlies will never have a place in my home. That being said, I do love pumpkins! So we decided to do a pumpkin autumn theme. We got some pretty glass pumpkins and amazing fall candles, but I also wanted to dress up our entrance to our basement apartment without spending a lot of money, especially since it would be sitting outside. The great thing about autumn decor is that it lasts from September, all the way past Thanksgiving. Score!

So for my autumn porch display, I got a few pumpkins of various sizes from Trader Joe’s (love that place!), and then I had some loose autumn leaves that I got from the Dollar Store (50 for $1!) which I glued together to add some dimension, and then used a piece of twine to tie the leaves to the stems of larger pumpkins.

I also made this adorable Welcome sign to hang from the largest pumpkin. I took a small piece of wood and wrapped a piece of burlap ribbon around it, added a few autumn leaves, and covered some foam dollar store letters in glitter for the “W-E-L-C-O-M-E”. I think it turned out super cute!

I also wanted to put a new wreath on my front door, and I had a foam wreath form that left over from trying to make a christmas ornament wreath with last Christmas, (it was a tragic #pinterestfail), but I found this tutorial from Popsugar Smart Living on how to make a cute fall wreath with a paper grocery bag, so I cut up a Trader Joe’s bag and used some more Dollar Store leaves to make this little number (not a great photo, sorry!).

Fall Paper Bag Wreath

Now my front entry is very festive, and all for very cheap! I hope this post inspires you to make something pretty for your porch this fall!

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Halloween Costume Archives

I was looking through old Halloween pictures from the past 11 years, and had a few good laughs about some of the costumes we have come up with over the years.

I’m going to share some of my favorites from the Halloween costume archives (hopefully my sisters will do the same for their families… hint hint! because they have some awesome couple costumes.).

Pillowcase Puppy Costume {Home Sweet Homebodies}

I loved this costume so much! It was the first costume I sewed for one of my children. I used a thrifted pillowcase, and an old corduroy shirt for the majority of the costume. My son was about 18 months old. The pillowcase was the perfect size for a little onesie romper with leg closures (I think I used velcro dots) and a hood. Since that used up all my pillowcase fabric, I cut up an old corduroy shirt that had belonged to Marissa’s husband, and made spots, floppy ears, a stuffed tail, and a little candy bag. I made a harness “leash” out of grosgrain ribbon and velcro. The dog tag was made from a broken ID badge holder (It says “Woof” on it). My husband and I just wore athletic clothes and said we were taking our “puppy” for a jog.

Curious George and The Man in the Yellow Hat Costumes

These costumes were created about 4 years ago. I had picked up the Jack-o-lantern costume for the baby from Walmart the previous year after Halloween for $5.  I made a “whipped cream swirl” out of batting, sewed it to a white beanie, and sat him in a pie tin and voila- pumpkin pie. I thought it was clever because we call my son “Lukey Pie” and he was pumpkin pie…  I was pretty much out of energy to make a costume for myself, so I donned an apron, grabbed a wooden spoon (which I forgot for the picture) and said I was the baker who made the pumpkin pie.  Not at all elaborate, but it worked nicely.

I put the monkey costume together by first drawing out a pattern on paper bags. I used a too-small pantsuit as my guide. The brown minky fabric was deeply discounted, and it was very stretchy and forgiving, so that made the pattern drafting much easier.  My husband’s costume was made by dyeing some old white clothes with Rit dye in the washer, and using fabric markers for the spots on the tie. Read more about how I made these costumes here.

I don’t always make my family’s costumes. :) One year we participated in a costume swap and borrowed the cowboy on a horse costume and lion costume.

Cowboy and Lion Costumes

Another year we straight up bought superhero costumes from Costco (I was pregnant and it was such a relief not to have to sew anything).

Avengers Halloween Costumes

One of my favorite years was when we used a combination of things we had already (the hats, wig, and most of the clothes), a few things we purchased (badges, handcuffs and the mustache), and some things we made (the masks and vests). If you can’t tell, my husband and I are the bandits with our wrists cuffed together, and my sons are the sheriffs, with their “tough guy faces” on.

Sheriffs and Bandits Halloween Costume

And then there’s this hilarious gem, which I’m almost too embarrassed to share. But it is so funny to me. It was our first Halloween after we were married. I was little Red Riding Hood and My hubby was the wolf that ate grandma. I tried to persuade my husband that it would be awesome for him to wear a “granny flannel nightie” from the thrift store. He wasn’t convinced, but I’m sure he did it anyway just to make me happy. 😉

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Costume

Thanks for humoring my trip down memory lane!

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Super Easy Lemon Butter Salmon with Green Beans

Super Easy Lemon Butter Salmon with Green Beans

Super Easy Lemon Butter Salmon with Green Beans

Need a quick and easy, HEALTHY meal? Take five minutes and put together this salmon dinner! Your tastebuds will thank you.

This is one of my favorite recipes for any time of year because it is FAST, HEALTHY and seriously DELICOUS! Oh, and I forgot to mention, SO EASY (and husband approved)! Here’s how to make it:


1 salmon fillet per person (I get the bag of frozen Atlantic salmon from Costco)

1 handful of frozen green beans per person

1 lemon

1/2 tbsp butter (straight from the refrigerator)




Tin Foil



  1. Tear off a 12 inch piece of tin foil, lay it on the counter.
  2. Arrange a handful of frozen green beans to one side of the foil and place the frozen salmon fillet on top of the beans.
  3. Add your preferred spices to the salmon. I like to season it with rosemary, a little salt and pepper and a little bit of garlic powder, but it doesn’t need a whole lot!
  4. Slice up the lemon and lay the slices on top of the salmon, and add about a 1/2 tbsp. slice of butter on top.

    Layer 1: green beans, Layer 2: salmon, Layer 3: spices, Layer 4: lemon, Layer 5: butter

    Layer 1: green beans, Layer 2: salmon, Layer 3: spices, Layer 4: lemon, Layer 5: butter

  5. Fold the foil over the top to make a packet, and fold over the edges as shown below. Sometimes I add an extra layer of foil if it is thinner foil.Salmon wrapped in foil
  6. Time to cook! I have done this in two different ways. You can bake it in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes or so, OR you can stick it on your grill on low for about 20-25 minutes. I like to cook it on the grill in the summertime so I don’t have to heat up my oven.
  7. Enjoy! Each packet serves 1-2 people depending on the size of your appetite and the size of the salmon fillet. YUM!



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Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad

Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad Recipe {Home Sweet Homebodies}

This is a great way to use up turkey leftovers- which for us happens at least a few times during the fall/ winter. Or, check out the previous post on unique and delicious ways to cook your turkey.

Is it just me, or does anyone else ever have a hard time picking a name for new recipes? It’s like I get emotionally attached to the ingredients, and I want to list each and every one in the title. Which would make this more like “Turkey- Avocado- Craisin- With- Maple- Spiced- Pecans- on Spring- Mix- Greens- and- Kale Salad with Homemade Citrus- Garlic- Vinaigrette”. Haha- oh well. Just know that Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad doesn’t even begin to cover the amazing-ness of this entree- salad. We’re talking classic fall flavors, not to mention the super nutrition of the ingredients: Lean protein, super antioxidant greens, healthy fats, unrefined sugars, and even fruit, all in one dish. Sweet!

You’ll want to start with the candied  pecans so they have time to cool and you can sneak little bites of them to get yourself even more excited about eating dinner. Then make the dressing, and finally prep your salad ingredients so they stay cold and fresh as long as possible. Or, you can prep it all earlier in the day (except the avocado) and just pull it out of the fridge when you’re ready to assemble.

Oranges and Avocados

Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad
{Home Sweet Homebodies}
(Serves ~6)


4 c. Spring Mix Lettuce
3 c.Kale, chopped small
Turkey meat leftovers (amount depends on how much you like meat, quantity you have, etc. I did 2-3 oz per plate.)
2 Oranges (1 sliced for garnish, the other peeled & chopped to go in the salad)
3/4 c. Craisins (the reduced sugar kind)
1 Avocado, sliced
3 Green onions, sliced

Maple Spiced Pecans Recipe


Maple Spiced Pecans:

1 1/2 c. pecans
3 Tbsp. maple syrup
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. real salt

First, melt the coconut oil in a skillet on low- medium heat. Add pecans, stir to coat in the coconut oil, and toast, stirring occasionally for about 2 minutes. Then add maple syrup, cinnamon, and salt. Continue stirring for about 2 more minutes or until caramelized. Remove from heat and spread on nonstick surface (such as parchment) to cool. Try not to eat all of them by yourself.


20151007_171330 (1)

Homemade Citrus Vinaigrette

1/2 c. orange juice
3 Tbsp. olive oil
3 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 Tbsp. maple syrup
1/2 tsp. onion powder
1/2 tsp. real salt
1/4 tsp. garlic
1/8- 1/4 tsp. xanthan gum (to thicken the dressing. Start with the smaller amount and add more if desired.)

Combine all ingredients (except xanthan gum) in blender and pulse. I like using my Magic Bullet for this because it’s the perfect size and I can put the cup right in the dishwasher afterward.  Add the xanthan gum last so you can see how it thickens the dressing- or omit it altogether.

Time to assemble the salads!


I put a bit more of the spring mix lettuce than the kale on each plate. Next, arrange the turkey and avocado slices on top of the lettuce. The orange wedges, craisins, green onions, and pecans go on next. Finally, drizzle the dressing on and add an orange slice. Serve and enjoy! I hope you love this salad as much as I do!


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Delicious and unique ways to eat turkey

It’s starting to be turkey season, and  while I love eating roasted turkey on Thanksgiving, there are plenty of creative ways to re-imagine those turkey leftovers so that your family will keep loving all the extra turkey.

My friend Meghan from It’s Three Thirty shared two delicious turkey recipes with me that her family loves, and they were a success at my house too! Click the links below to see the actual recipes.

Cranberry Crockpot Turkey

First is a super easy and delicious way to cook your turkey- she had me at “crockpot”- seriously, go check it out!

I cooked a pretty big turkey on a Thursday- the smallest one I could find was 9 lb., but that ended up being perfect. My whole family- even my 1 year old- at it up!

Turkey & Wild Rice Soup

Second is this amazingly nutritious Turkey and Wild Rice soup. It has a bone broth base, which is incredibly nourishing.  I put a fair amount of meat back into this soup, but I still had extra meat. I made a big batch of this soup during General Conference weekend (Saturday) for my family and some guests and everyone loved it.

I still had a fair amount of turkey meat left over after making the soup, and wanted to use it up before it spoiled, so the following Wednesday, I made a totally from scratch Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad. Can I just say, it was A-ma-zing. You need to make it. I’m going to share the recipe next week- so check back, or better yet, subscribe to our blog posts and get it right in your email inbox after it posts because you don’t want to miss it! 😉

Turkey Avocado Citrus Salad

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DIY $30 Office Gallery Wall

DIY Office Gallery Wall

So I started a new job about a year and a half ago, and was lucky enough to be moved into a window office a few months into the job (woohoo!), but even with the window, the walls were pretty lonely and bare. I went to Hobby Lobby at least 4 times to find decorations to make my office feel a little less sad, but being the frugal and crafty girl that I am, I couldn’t ever actually bring myself buy anything because I knew I could make something more personal for WAY cheaper. This went on for several months, UNTIL I finally bit the bullet and spent a good weekend crafting up a storm. What resulted was a magnificent (if I do say so myself) gallery wall that I get to stare at every day! The best part? It cost less than $30 to make each piece! (Thank you dollar store!)

Gallery Wall view

Isn’t that a cute view?

The first piece I had accumulated was the clock. It was the only thing I actually bought as-is, because I had found it for cheap when I first started the job. For a while it was the only thing on the wall though and it was a little depressing to stare at. So I used it for some inspiration and created a few pieces that could compliment it.

I felt like I needed a circle piece to balance the circle clock, so I created this little sunburst mirror (check out the tutorial here) with a dollar store mirror, clothes pins, some scrap fabric and pretty craft paper.

DIY $2 Sunburst Mirror

To go with the sunburst, I created this glitter deer silhouette with a small 5×7 flat canvas. I traced the silhouette with a pencil right onto the canvas, filled it in with glue, dumped on the gold glitter and let it dry. Super easy! I glued a piece of twine on the back for easy hanging also, since it didn’t have a frame.

Glitter Reindeer

My favorite piece on the whole wall is the center canvas. I wanted to create something that would spark creativity, but not be cheesy. I spent weeks looking up quotes about creativity, but rather than inspiring me, I felt like they were all pretty cheesy. Finally I saw a simple sign that read, “Creativity Takes Courage.” I love that quote! It really spoke to me because for me, sometimes creating something new feels very vulnerable. It’s easy to wonder and worry that other people are going to think or say it’s ugly or strange, and so I feel self-conscious about it. This project took many layers to complete. I started by painting random colors all over the canvas, and it didn’t look good. So I covered it with masking tape zig zags and spray painted it black. I pulled off the tape and still wasn’t pleased, so I added some gold texture. At this point, I was pretty sure I had ruined it, but I persevered. I had some foam letter stickers in random colors from the dollar store and I stuck them on the canvas to make the quote, figuring it would give me some inspiration, and then I decided to lightly brush white paint over the whole thing, including the foam letters. I was going to take them off, but I actually ended up liking the texture of the letters poking out, and the random colors of the letters that didn’t follow any sort of pattern. Finally, it was complete. Was it perfect? NO. But did I love it? YES.

I’ve always been a creative girl, but I have always also compared myself to great artists and lamented my perceived lack of skill. (Honestly, after I made all this stuff, it took me weeks to actually bring it into my office, and it has taken me 5 months to post it on the blog). The funny thing, is that in this job, I am responsible for all of the creative elements of marketing my company. I design the print and web advertisements and all of the magazines and brochures for the different programs. In my job, I have no fear of what others think of my creative work, in fact I thrive on the critiques of my colleagues and supervisors. I have recently wondered why I am confident in my creativity for work, and not my creativity for play. I’m still baffled, and it’s still hard to share my creations, but I’m working on it. Every day I look at this quote on my wall and it reminds me that I can do anything!  Creativity takes courage. And I can be courageous!

Creativity takes courage

After my creativity epiphany, I figured that it would be nice to have something that reminded me of home on the wall, so I made this Oregon state outline on an 8×10 canvas by spray painting it, tracing an outline of Oregon with glue and adding pink glitter. I did a few layers to make it a really thick line, and it makes me happy whenever I see it :)

Glitter Oregon

The next thing I made was a flower letter “C” by cutting out the letter on a cereal box, and then hot gluing dollar store flowers all over it. I hung it with a piece of twine too.

Flower "C"

Finally, I made this cute hanging planter out of recycled materials! I totally forgot to take pictures of the process, but it was super simple. I had a bunch of containers that some mushrooms came in, so I cut the end off of one side and stuck a piece of floral foam inside it to hold some dollar store flowers. I also rolled up a bunch of magazine pages and glued them all around the base and added the twine to hang it, and viola!

Recycled hanging basket


I had so much fun making all the things, and it was really good for me to create something lovely that I could look at every day to remind myself to 1) be creative and 2) have courage. I really love my little gallery wall, and my office feels a little less like a dreary prison cell now. (Okay, that was dramatic, but you get the picture!)

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