Make Your Own Plate Hanger

plate hanger4

When my husband and I were living in Idaho, we lived in an apartment that had space above the cabinets. Of course I had to use this space for decoration. Decorative plates seemed to be pretty popular in kitchens, so I painted some of our old plastic plates and displayed them above our cabinets.

plate hanger

Once we moved into our current home, the cabinets did not have room for any type of decor {or storage for that matter}. You can imagine my disappointment. Where was I suppose to put my cute decorative plates?! And then it hit me… The wall!! Of course. So many other people put their plates on the wall in the kitchen. But how? Unlike picture frames or other wall decor that already have wall hanging hardware attached on the back, how on earth was I suppose to hang a plate?!

plate hanger1

Here is an easy and simple solution to such a dilemma.

Paper clips and hot glue.

YES! It is literally that easy. Just take a paper clip and hot glue it to where you want it on the back of your plate. Let it dry and hang it on the wall!

plate hanger2

Now I have a place to display my fun and colorful plates!

plate hanger3

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DIY $1 Mini Chalkboard

I’m obsessed with chalkboards. They are one of my favorite things to decorate my home with. Retail stores will charge an outrageous amount for cute chalkboards, so why not make your own for close to nothing?


DIY $1 mini chalkboard

This project literally only cost me $1. I already had the supplies needed to create the chalkboard, so all I needed was a “board” to write chalk on. I went to my nearest Dollar Store and purchased this silver tray for only a buck.


I spray painted the middle with chalkboard paint and used a fun bright blue acrylic paint for the edge. After the paint dried, I hot glued a burlap bow to the back to hang it on the wall in my kitchen. Now I have a fun new inexpensive decor item for my home!!

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Patio Bench Makeover

Our back patio has been needing a little TLC as of late, and since we are trying to selling the house for my mother I thought giving it an easy and inexpensive patio bench makeover would be just the thing for this sad looking patio.

We decided to build an easy brick fire-pit for the middle of the patio and repaint the bench to match the house color better. The fence behind the bench was rusting and I honestly cannot remember the last time someone painted that old thing. Isn’t it amazing what a little paint can do?! Here are the before and after pictures.

patio makeover

patio makeover

Now that is a bench more appealing to sit on! Time to break out the smores and have a party!

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Meet Heather

Hey guys–Heather here! I’m another sister of the Homebodies. You may remember me from the amazing wedding cake/cupcakes Marissa and my other sisters made for my wedding, along with the beautiful rose bouquets and boutonnieres. You can view their post about it here.


A little background about me… I’m a first time mommy of 1 {my precious little boy} and a wife to my handsome hubster. Tayler and I met and fell in love at Brigham Young University–Idaho in 2011, and were married 5 months later. We moved to Washington last year, had our baby boy, and are absolutely loving being parents.

I have always found joy in crafting and sewing… and pretty much all things “homemakey”. I have discovered, lately, that building furniture my passion. I love the feeling of making something from scratch with your own two hands, which is why I also love spending time in the kitchen baking. I love refinishing and distressing furniture and decor. I love my family, painting, vintage and farmhouse decor, and all things DIY.

Decorating on a budget is one of my ultimate goals. I’m not always perfect at it, but I love to look for good deals on ways to beautify my home. Turning old things into new again is one way I curb my hunger for buying new things.

I am nowhere near perfect at what I do, but I love attempting to be a good homemaker and striving to be the best mama I can be for my little munchkin. I also love learning and trying out new recipes and tutorials from other fellow bloggers!

You can also check out what other fun stuff I’ve been up to on my other blog Drill Bits and Oven Mitts! And when I’m not blogging, I also sell digital prints on Etsy. Check out my shop Christensen Digitals!


DIY Front Door Flower Basket

This was truly a fast, easy, and cheap DIY. Start to finish, my flower basket took about 30 minutes. I planned on using hot glue to hold the flowers in place, but that proved to be unnecessary with the floral foam- more on that later. I actually had everything I needed to make this already in my stash, but I got the flowers from the dollar store in years past, the burlap ribbon 50% off at Hobby Lobby, and the metal basket was given to me probably 10 years ago and I just never knew what to use it for before now. So it was probably around $10 out of pocket for me. Here’s a quick tute:

Here are the materials you’ll need: 1) Dollar Store flowers, 2) Metal hanging basket (I’ve seen lots of wicker baskets too, check thrift stores. You can always spray paint it if needed), 3) Floral foam- I cut a small piece off a much larger piece I had leftover from this project with a serrated knife. I have seen this at the dollar store though, and 4) Burlap Ribbon- enough to make a nice looking bow and possibly wrap around the basket.

First, wedge the styrofoam into the basket tightly, so it won’t come out easily. Then, just poke the stems of the flowers into the foam, arranging whatever pattern you like as you go. You could secure each piece with hot glue, but it’s probably unnecessary. I have had my basket out for several weeks, and even with canyon winds blowing at night, it still looks exactly the same.

Attach the burlap ribbon to the basket either by tying or hot glue, make a bow, and hang. Optionally, you can glue some pieces of felt to the back of the basket to keep it from scratching the door if that is a concern.

I’m happy with how this project turned out.  Hopefully my next “porch beautification” project using live flowers this time goes as well! 😉

DIY Coat Rack for less than $30

We have a problem. It’s called not enough hooks to hang things on. This problem manifested itself recently when I received several new purses as gifts, and my hanging spot became a chair. And then I stopped hanging up my coat in the coat closet because it was too far away. And then our entry way turned into a pile of purses and coats and gym bags and our primary bag and I just can’t handle that kind of clutter. We decided that something must be done, so we got on the internet and looked for a free standing coat tree rack (we’re in a rental, so anything wall-mounted just wouldn’t work). We did a lot of searching, because we wanted something sturdy but inexpensive because let’s face it, we just need to hang our stuff up so it doesn’t look like we’re hoarders.
The more we looked for one to buy, the more we realized that we can make our own dang coat rack and it would look cooler and be cheaper to make! So we decided to make our own. I was inspired by the design of this one from Anthropologie (but not the price.. yikes!). So we went to Home Depot.
We bought: A 2x2x8 pine pole for $8, 4 L-shaped supports for just over $1 each, and two sets of hooks that were I think around $2 for a pair.
Other supplies needed: A hand saw and some sandpaper (although we could have had the pole cut at Home Depot if we had thought of it)
I forgot to take pictures of the actual process, but I think it took us about 30 minutes to finish, including hand-sawing the pole.
It’s the perfect spot for our jackets and my purses!
I really like how the industrial supports came together with the plain pine wood of the pole. 
This was such an easy DIY and it was fun for my husband and I to make together too :)
(I’m playing with the idea of making more of them to sell.. maybe! Stay tuned)

Gift Wrapping on the Cheap

Christmas Double Post: (I promise this is it!)

One of my most favorite parts about the Christmas season is wrapping all the Christmas gifts I’ve gotten for my family. It usually takes me several weeks to pick them all out and/or make them all, but the best day of December is the day I finish my shopping and DIYing, pile all the gifts up and start wrapping.

This year, we underestimated the amount of gifts we’d be wrapping and only bought one roll of wrapping paper and some ribbon. Luckily we had a pretty good stockpile of Trader Joe’s Christmas bags and brown packing paper from the Dollar Store. 
I used a bottle ring to trace circles on the Trader Joe’s bags to make all the gift tags which was fun and I think they turned out cute! 
I also had a bunch of random ribbon, netting and twine, so I used every square inch of my wrapping paper by making accent wrapping paper bows using a tutorial from Ziploc (I couldn’t find the original pin, but it is exactly like this one).

DIY Ring Pillow

Here is a quick photo tutorial of the ring pillow I made for my sister Cara’s DIY wedding.  Cara’s colors were light pink, eggplant, and champagne/gold. I had one afternoon to make a pair of these pillows, since we were driving to the wedding the next day. Luckily, I am a fabric hoarder and I didn’t have to waste any time running to buy fabric since I had a variety of fabrics in exactly the colors I needed. :)

This pillow ended up being about 8 inches square.

I used two 9″ squares of cream colored sateen fabric, one 9″ square of cream colored lace, a 9×4″ strip of eggplant colored linen, and a 5×20″ strip of light pink chiffon. Obviously, use any variety of fabrics and colors that you like- this would look great in all white or cream too.

1) I basted along each long edge of the chiffon and 2) gathered it on both sides.

3) The lace is layered over one of the plain cream pieces. 4) The gathered chiffon goes across the bottom and is pinned in place. 5) The chiffon is basted in place. 6) The long raw edges of the eggplant accent strip are folded towards the middle and ironed.

7) The accent strip is pinned on top of the gathered chiffon, covering up the raw edge on the top. 8) It is then sewn in place with a straight stitch.

9) Right sides of the cream pillow fabric are pinned together and 10) sewn, leaving a small opening to turn the pillow right side out. Clipping the corners will give a nice pointy finished corner.

11) The pillow is turned right side out, stuffed, and the opening sewed shut.

12) It is a good idea to add a ribbon (which can be sewed on by hand) to secure the rings during the ceremony

Then just get yourself some adorable ring bearers and you’re good to go!