Glitter Rudolph Sign! {Giveaway Month}

This is week 4 of our handmade giveaway month! Our first week we partnered with Drill Bits and Oven Mitts and gave away a beautiful, vintage reclaimed wood holiday sign. The second week, we gave away a gorgeous cable crocheted headband, as well as 2 pdf patterns for headbands from our boutique. Last week, we gave away a luxurious, all natural, organic-themed goodie bag with seven fabulous, self- pampering items.

Glitter Reindeer Sign {Home Sweet Homebodies}

This week, we’re giving away a vintage-inspired, wooden Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer sign, handmade by Cara! This sign would be an awesome way to add some farmhouse chic “bling” to your decorating this year, and it fits in easily with the decor you already have. Enter the giveaway below- be sure to read the rules at the bottom. (After you enter by submitting your email address to subscribe to blog posts, more entry options will be unlocked.) We would love it if you shared this Glitter Rudolph sign giveaway with your friends.

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We will also be listing limited quantities of this darling Glitter Rudolph Sign in our Etsy shop in the next day or so, so if you’ve got to have it, check out the shop!
Glitter Rudolf sign giveaway

We have enjoyed getting into the holiday spirit this month with our “month of giveaways” and we hope you’ve enjoyed it too. As we enter the Christmas season, we want to remind each of you (and ourselves) of the true meaning of the season- that is, love. It is always better to give than to receive. There’s nothing like warming your heart by giving of yourself to someone else. We hope each of you will feel the joy of the season by giving this year- whether that means giving items, money, time, talents, an open heart, forgiveness, or a smile.

The Homebodies

Halloween Preschool Crafts

halloween preschool17

This week I had the pleasure to teach at my sister’s co-op preschool… and the theme is Halloween! I was super excited to help out because there are so many fun Halloween crafts and activities for kids. And they are EASY too! Here are some spooky but friendly ideas for your little one to do.

Puzzle Pumpkin Name

Cut out pumpkin shape. Write name on it. Draw lines between each letter and cut. Mix letters around and help child arrange them in the correct order. Glue on to paper and add a cute green pumpkin stem!

halloween preschool8

halloween preschool halloween preschool1

halloween preschool2

halloween preschool3

halloween preschool15

halloween preschool16

Spider Handprints

Trace child’s hand on black construction paper. Cut out two handprints and a circle. Glue each handprint on to the back of the circle. Attach googly eyes on to the face… because what kid doesn’t love googly eyes?!

halloween preschool4

\halloween preschool9

halloween preschool5
halloween preschool6

halloween preschool7

Handprint Witch

Trace child’s hand on paper. Color green or another preferable color for a witch’s face. Trace and cut out a witch’s hat. Glue on to the top of the traced hand. Give her eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Draw on crazy witch hair, a broom to fly on, stars, and a moon. And wah-la! Beautiful art work to display for Halloween.

halloween preschool10

halloween preschool11

halloween preschool12

halloween preschool13

halloween preschool14

Happy Halloween and happy crafting!!

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Celebrating the Ultimate Pi Day

Pi…aka the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter… aka 3.14159265359 and so on… Celebrating Pi Day (March 14th) is a beloved tradition for math enthusiasts and pie enthusiasts alike. We have enjoyed celebrating this “holiday” for several years (not that we need an excuse to eat pie, but can you think of a better reason to do so?!)

A few years ago we enjoyed this apple pie on Pi Day.

This year Pi Day is kind of a big deal, because March 14, 2015 is 3.1415. Some people are even taking it to the next level, marking 9:26 on the clock. We decided that we for sure needed to celebrate this once-in-a-century event, so we planned a Pi Day brunch celebration with a few friends.  On the menu: Quiche, Pineapple, and of course assorted pies.

I had fun designing an invitation (I used Inkscape and Silhouette Studio) with a math pun or two in it.

We’ll be keeping the kiddos happy doing Pi art and activities, like this Pi in the skyline by What Do We Do All Day?, this Easy as Pi artwork by Pink Stripey Socks, this Circle Art by Momgineer, or this Pi bracelet.

My husband wants me to make Pi Day Tshirts; we’ll see how it goes and I’ll post pictures if I get that far.

Update 3/18/15:
Here are pictures of some of the things I made:

I used my silhouette machine to cut this design out of heat transfer material, then just ironed it on the shirts.


I did this onesie the same way as the shirts above.


Our welcome sign, right next to the Pi wreath on the front door. :)

I designed the shirts using Inkscape and Silhouette Studio. I’ll share how I use those programs together in another post. Peace!

Do you have any fun plans/ traditions for Pi Day? Do share!

Angel Ornament Kid’s Craft

Here’s a quick idea for a fun craft to do with a group of children or just one or two!  I did this with the kids in our neighborhood playgroup last year and they all seemed to enjoy it.

You will need: 1 marshmallow, 2 doilies, a toothpick, some ribbon, red and black sharpies, tacky glue or hot glue, and some yellow embroidery floss or pipe cleaner for a halo.

Directions:  Fold one doily in half, and the other doily in quarters.  Glue the quartered doily on top of the half- doily, as shown in the picture.  Poke the toothpick up through the middle of the half- doily; the marshmallow goes on the exposed toothpick end.  Glue in place.  Cut a small piece of yellow floss or pipe cleaner and make your halo- glue it on.  Use the ribbon to make a loop to hang on the tree- glue that in place too.  Use the sharpies to make a face on the angel.

Fun, easy craft for the kiddos!

This year, I think I am going to have our playgroup make this simple but very cute ornament from Fun Home Things:

What crafts are you planning to do with your kids this year?


We had a wonderful Easter filled with gratitude, church, family time, and cooking and baking together.  We didn’t do the Easter bunny thing, although we did have an egg hunt after dinner.  We took our kids to church, read the Easter story, watched a movie about Christ’s life, and had a nice dinner.  The basket below has numbered  plastic eggs which contain strips of paper
with scriptures and a symbolic object inside.  This is how we read the
Easter story with our boys this year, and it went decently well considering their ages.  We actually ran out of time to dye eggs, but the kids were young enough and excited enough about everything else that was happening that they didn’t even notice.

This year instead of buying whole new outfits for the boys for Easter, I let them wear clothes they already had and some new ties I made them the Friday before.  In my fabric stash I found quite a bit of leftover fabric from the blue satin dress I made for my senior prom, so my boys got ties made out of that!  Haha.

Click the photo or the link below to see the tutorial at Sharing the Wealth.

I hadn’t made mini- ties before, but I came across the Little Boy Tie Pattern at Sharing the Wealth, and let me tell you, it was a breeze compared to the adult tie patterns I have used.  No cutting on the bias, no piecing together, no interfacing, no hand sewing.  Yay!  I really only had about an hour to spend on it, and I was able to finish both ties in that amount of time.  Then of course I put something off to make three more ties, but that’s another story.

I’m so glad that we took some pictures of the boys before church because after church I immediately started making rolls (the same delicious crescent rolls I make for Thanksgiving), and before long Marissa and her husband arrived and we were busy making honey glazed ham, garlic mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, orange strawberry jello, and deviled eggs.  I get full just thinking about it. 😀  Anyway, there was no time to take pictures until after dinner, and let’s just say that at that point their outfits didn’t look quite the same as they did in the morning.   

All in all we couldn’t have asked for a better day!  I hope you all had a good Easter/ weekend!

Happy Pi Day!

We almost missed it this year… 3.14 (and what a shame to miss any opportunity to eat pie, no?)
Luckily, despite busy schedules, my sisters were able to head over here tonight for a while.  And between Cara’s mad apple pie skills and Marissa’s proficiency in blending (can you tell I’m feeling a bit punchy after all that pie?) we came up with some masterpieces.

No, the picture isn’t backwards… see comic below!

Yum… homemade apple pie and chocolate fudge (tofu) pie (no picture of that one, unfortunately)!  Ahh, contentment!

And just for fun…

Hope you were able to enjoy Pi Day!

Homemade Gifts (better late than never)

I know my posts have been somewhat sporadic lately- but I don’t feel too
bad because I have been busy busy busy with working on reorganizing and
redecorating my whole house!  Sound like I bit off more than I could
chew?  You’re right!  I did.  So it is still in that “worse before it
gets better” mode.  But serious progress is being made, and I’m excited
to share that soon!   Meanwhile, I will share this post that I started right after Christmas and finally finished today!  Wahoo….

February is pretty much over, and I still haven’t shared what I made for Christmas gifts.  I have to admit that while I was really pleased how things turned out, and I spent a ton of time on making gifts, I really didn’t take many pictures of what I made, so I have been kind of procrastinating this post because I felt like I didn’t have much to show.  Oh well.  I am going to show you what I do have pictures of, mainly for documentation purposes!

I crocheted star ornaments for co-workers, neighbors, and family, tutorial courtesy of Jellywares.  I liked the ones done in sparkly, thinner yarn the best.

My boys got these jammies on Christmas Eve.  I just used some of their old PJs as patterns, with Toy Story fleece I got long ago in a discount bin.

“Baby Jammies”
“Big Boy Jammies”

There wasn’t enough Toy Story Fleece left to make a pillowcase (the big boy loves to put his fleece blankets over his pillow to sleep, so I thought a fleece pillowcase might feel nice to a 3-year-old cheek), but I had some coordinating fleece, and I just appliqued cutouts of the characters onto the front of the pillowcase.

My mom strongly hinted before Christmas that she would like one of my adjustable ruffle aprons, so of course I made her one, in music note fabric that she had for years before she gave it to me.

I made her another apron, a chef- style, reversible, adjustable apron, again with fabric she gave me.

I hurried to make this Christmas apron for my mother-in-law when, just a week or two before Christmas, we were cooking in her kitchen and we tried in vain to find an apron.  Plus, I just figured every grandma needs a Christmas apron.  It just seems so… homey, and grandmotherly.

I think she liked it!

I have to show this picture partly because of my 16-year-old brother’s amused face, and partly because my cereal box gift boxes ended up being really useful!  I roughly followed this tutorial from curbly.

I made neckties for my brother Collin, my dad, and my husband using this tutorial and free pattern from Puking Pastilles.

You can’t see it well in this picture, but my son is holding a sock monkey I made from my husband’s old black dress socks (clean of course).  This picture is the moment before he stuck it in his mouth and bit it.  Yep- a sign of love.  Or something.  See my post here about sock monkeys.

Below are the hats and a scarf I crocheted for my sons.  They hated them while I was making them and trying them on their heads over and over, but I guess they forgot about it, because they seem to like them and even tolerate wearing them for long-ish periods now.  I can’t seem to find the patterns I used (very loosely, maybe even not recognizably), but I will add that if/ when I find them.

I made a couple of wetbags for nail polish, toiletries etc. for my
sisters, but I only got one semi-decent picture of one of them, which Marissa is holding below.  I used fused plastic bags for the inside, fabric remnants for the outside, and a zipper closure.  I didn’t use a pattern for these, just kinda “wung it”.

My brother-in-law Richard wanted a “cool” billed beanie, and although I was nervous about giving it to him, I think this one fit the bill.  Haha, get it?  The bill?  Ok… moving on… I used this old shrunken sweater with great texture and a plastic restaurant takeout bowl (covered in duct tape) for the bill.  I didn’t really use any pattern for it, but I studied pictures of this type of beanie, checked out the child’s visor beanie tutorial on Eenie Meenie and Moe (previously Creative Maven) and watched the Threadbanger video for inspiration.  It was trial and error the whole way, but I learned a few things… maybe I’ll share in it’s own post.

Shrunken sweater to visor beanie

I loved the simplicity and versatility of these reversible cape/ jacket/ scarf “thingies” which I made for each of my sisters… I’m sure there’s an official name, but I don’t know what it is!  Yeah, you can’t really see what it’s supposed to look like in this picture, so check out the pictures and tutorial over at liaspace.  I think they are so stylish for spring, and I am going to have to make one for myself!

Ok, for the last few pictures, I need to give a little background info.  Each year, my siblings and I (including in-laws) draw names and we make one “gift from the heart” for the person who’s name we drew.  It’s not supposed to be real costly, and we have to put thought and effort into it.  We are supposed to use our talents, and if possible the gift should speak to the talents or interests of the person we give to.

My brother Tayler started playing chess and going to chess club when he was in elementary school or middle school, and he collects unique chess sets from all over the world, so I immediately knew, as soon as I saw the tutorial for this rolled paper chess set from paper, plate, and plane that this is what I would be making him.  It took quite a while to make, but I started early, so I wasn’t stressed.  I love how it turned out with his initials in the middle!  I used my silhouette to cut the board squares and the initials, and I measured and cut all the other strips just with a ruler and my paper cutter.

My husband made this word art for my youngest sister Anna.  He asked each person in the family to come up with at least 5 words that they felt described Anna, and he arranged those words and added little drawings/ pictures using Inkscape.  He used colors that would match her room decor.  The more times people used a certain word about Anna, the larger that word was on the picture.  I love how it turned out!

Richard made this “Older brother award” plaque for my husband.  My husband tends to beat everyone at whatever game they play together, be it tennis, racquetball, ping pong, chess, boardgames, etc- in true older brother fashion.   So in honor of that, and to poke fun of it, he got an award.  Haha.

Marissa crocheted some amazing wool Norwegian house slippers for Cara, since Cara loves all things warm and cozy.  This is a really cool pattern because you just crochet alternating colors into an ‘L’ shape and sew it together a certain way before felting it in the dryer.  I believe Marissa used this tutorial from Mommy Knows.

My brother Tayler wrote a very complementary composition about my youngest brother Collin, and it was enjoyable/ hilarious to hear him read it out loud.

Collin made me a beautiful wooden box in his woodworking class.  I was really impressed with how well-made it was.  He used all sorts of techniques including laminating, turning on a lathe, and a bunch more  that I don’t remember (because really, I don’t even understand what I just said- I know he explained how you laminate pieces of wood together, but I can’t remember.  I’m just impressed).

My sister Anna reverse- stenciled a funny T-shirt and decorated a composition notebook for Richard.  She did a great job!

Cara put together a “Cupcake Decorating” binder with recipes, decorating tips, pictures, and inspiration for Marissa, who has a passion (which we all enjoy) for baking cupcakes.

I still get warm fuzzies looking at all these pictures.  I love making gifts, and I am enjoying this season of my life where that is still possible. >happy sigh<

Valentine’s Day Decor Project

Ok, I know it’s a little late to be making Valentine’s Day decorations, but I felt like I needed to put something love-y up in honor of the day.  Because I ended up having to work today, added to the fact that we are crazy busy with getting some things in order in our house and moving furniture around, I decided I could pause just long enough to pull something from the archives that most of you probably haven’t seen (and it is a pretty fast project!)… enjoy!

Rochelle and I got together over this past weekend and decided we needed to add some LOVE to our home decor for Valentine’s Day! Here is our “heart-themed” result:

I had this old frame from the dollar store, and its backing was really really warped. I ended up taking it off, along with the glass, and giving it a good spray down with some black spray paint. Then I was left with a very empty (but much more attractive) frame.

I thought it would look really cute with something hanging from the top part of the frame, so that’s what led me to this idea – I’ve seen this technique done on wreaths and things like that, but I thought I would try it on a heart!

Here’s how to make this:
1. Trace a heart onto some cardboard from an empty cereal box, and cut it out.
2. Cut out circles about 2- 2.5″ in diameter from desired fabric (I should have counted them, but I would say it was at least 50 circles).
3. Point a pencil into the middle of the circle and pull it tight around the point (so it looks like a cone), and apply hot glue to the end; then stick the circle on the heart, and repeat, adding the subsequent circles close together, so if has a very dense “petal-like” texture.
4. I added the red border, but you could just keep it all one color, or try multiple colors!
5. To hang, I used some ribbon – just made a loop over the frame and hot glued it to the back of the heart. Easy!
6. To hang the frame, same idea – I just glued the ends of some ribbon to the top corners of the frame, and voila! You have a brand new Valentine’s decoration, for FREE!

Do you like?

Here is Rochelle’s version:

I used the same cardboard base as Marissa, but cut out a heart from the center. Then I cut 1- inch wide strips from three different fabrics; a white muslin, a red and white gingham, and red cotton jersey from an old T-shirt (I ♥ recycling!). I tied the strips in tight knots around the border, 3 in a row of the same color, then alternating colors. Lastly, I trimmed all the strips to be the same length. I can’t decide if I like it more with the knots in the back or in the front. I kinda like both ways!

Here’s with the knots in the back…

And this is what it looks like with the knots in the front.

Super easy, and since we used what we already had on hand, we didn’t spend a dime! Now that’s what I call a sweet deal!